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    Things pointing upwards. Destroyed tent - " data-mfp-src="/images/up_1.jpg" Destroyed tent Decaying tents - "

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    Urbex Camp - part 1

    Old family-run campsites are overrun by commercial, investor backed, large family parks with all-you-can-eat restaurants, tropical swimming pools, bowling, etc.

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    We are surrounded by textures and colors. Sometimes the object or surroundings distract us from the colors and textures themselves.

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    Our air is filled with invisible waves. Electro magnetic waves. Used for radio, wifi, cell phones, and visible light.

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    Portraits in time

    Throughout the years, we collect lots of images from ourselves and from our relatives. My mother has Alzheimer’s disease.

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    Vlogs in time

    In the early 2010’s the first “big” vloggers arrived, using statically placed camera’s, talking to their audience.

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    Kids at home

    Having a young kid in your house leaves a trail of toys. The kids themselves don’t see the “mess” they are making and consider the last place they interacted with an object, the best place to store it.

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    Bloodmoon shots

    The moon: our natural satellite. Beautiful to observe. In 2015 a friend of mine and I went out in the early morning to capture the blood moon.

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    The moon: our natural satellite. Beautiful to observe. Pesky source of light during astrophotography. The details you see and the three dimensional effect of the shadows glooming over huge craters, once you look through a binocular or through a telescope, are amazing.

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