Our air is filled with invisible waves. Electro magnetic waves. Used for radio, wifi, cell phones, and visible light. As humans we can only see a very limited part of the electro magnetic spectrum. The rest is there, but not visible for us. But we can measure it. In this photo project, I tried to visualize these waves along a canal in Amsterdam. To make the unvisible visible. Although I focus on what I see and observe, it’s a humbling thought that most of the things out there are not visible for me.

Electro-magnetic frequency along a canal in Amsterdam

Technical details:

  • Electro magnetic waves recorded and visualized using an e4k RTL-SDR dongle with rtl_power and a homebrew Python script
  • Camera: Pentax K7
  • Lens: Cosina lens @ 28mm
  • Settings: f/8 @ 1/160s @ ISO 200
  • Date: 13 feb 2015
  • Processing and post processing: Adobe Photoshop