Industrial sequence


Driving through an industrial area. Taking shots from my moving car, passing pipes, wagons and storage tanks. The desolateness and the mystery of pipes containing something, which is going from someplace to somewhere else. Every object here has a backstory. Stuff in pipes that comes from a far away country, processed by people with backstories of themselves. Transported over sea. Pushed through miles of pipe. Going… Somewhere.

But the backstory of all those connected people and all that stuff is literary fenced in. Inaccessible.

This inaccessability alienates these industrial objects from me. A passer-by, an observer. Wondering about what’s inside.

Green pipe


Yellow pipe

Storage tanks

More pipes

Orange pipe

Technical details:

  • Camera: Pentax *ist DS
  • Lens: Sigma 70-300mm @ 70mm
  • Settings: f/6,3 @ 1/100s @ ISO 800
  • Date: 7 oct 2009
  • Post processing: Adobe Lightroom